Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the current allowable density?
Answer: Please refer to the Governing Policy section of this website for information on permitted density.

2. What plans are in place to manage stormwater?
Answer: Three dry stormwater management ponds will service the development. These ponds are complimented by swales located strategically throughout the site to ensure stormwater is adequately managed. The ponds will provide controlled discharge directly and through drainage channels to Buffalo Lake. Erosion control measures will be included.

3. How will sewage be managed?
Answer: Holding tanks will be utilized to collect and store wastewater. The wastewater will subsequently be pumped and trucked to Red Willow Lagoon.

4. Are you honoring the IDP in terms of the protection of environmental features?
Answer: The area of development does not have any significant environmental features as it was previously cultivated as farmland. Through the completion of a Geotechnical and Slope Stability Report, design measures have been included to ensure the slope and environmental features along the shoreline are protected.

5. Are there any plans for buffering or visual screening?
Answer: Screening in the form of tree plantings is provided along the southern site boundary abutting Bay View Street and along the western site boundary abutting the residential cul-de-sac. Renderings demonstrating the screening view from Bay View Street and the residential cul-de-sac are located on the Landscaping section of this website.

6. Will there be boat access to the lake?
Answer: No boat access will be provided from the site to the lake.

7. How will lake access, overcrowding and boat launch safety be addressed?
Answer: Discussions are currently being held with the County of Stettler, regarding capacity, access, and safety. The developer will support any necessary upgrades. No facilities or programming are planned at the subject site in relation to the use of the lake.

8. How does the Development Permit Process work?
Answer: When a landowner wants to change the use of their property or put up a new building, except for those developments that are deemed approved, they require a development permit from the County. A development permit confirms that all the rules and planning policies have been considered. Public engagement is a required component of applying for a Development Permit.

9. What are plans for future phases of the site?
Answer: There are currently no plans for future phases. The development permit is for phase 1 only.

10. Paradise Shores Leases
Please refer questions regarding the leases of the Paradise Shores development to barw@ibiengage.com. Please include your name, email, and phone number.