Proposed Development

This development proposes 318 seasonal recreation vehicle (RV) stalls that would be used from May to October.

  • Long Term Lease Holders.
  • Amenity Spaces. Amenity 1 - Pool/Water Park, Amenity 2 - Sports Courts. Access limited to lease holders.
  • Public Rural Convenience Store.
  • Internal walking routes.
  • Poor weather picnic building.

Site Plan

Site Plan overview map

Site Stats

Gross Area33.75 ha83.40 ac
Phase 1 Area15.15 ha37.43 ac

Visitor Parking 0.33 0.81 2.18%
Buildings 0.06 0.16 0.40%
Pool 0.04 0.09 0.26%
Concrete Slabs 0.08 0.19 0.53%
Storm Ponds 0.74 1.84 4.88%
Greenspace 4.14 10.24 27.33%
RV Stalls 7.98 19.71 52.67%
Total Phase 115.15 ha37.43 ac 100%

RV Sites

Stall Layout diagram


Tree Planting around the perimeter of the property to minimize the visual impacts on the south and west property lines.

View Looking North

rendering of Bar W looking north

View Looking East

rendering of Bar W looking east

The inventory of species of trees along the boundaries is approximately:

Each stall will have one planting of either a Deciduous Tree or Shrub. Recommended species include the following.

  • Deciduous Trees:
    • Amur Maple
    • Service Berry
    • Hawthorn Tree
    • Russian Olive
    • Ivory Silk Lilac
  • Shrubs:
    • Buffalo Berry
    • Currant
    • Forsythia
    • Honeysuckle
    • Lilac
    • Spirea
    • Sea Buckthorn
    • Juniper
    • Viburnum
    • Shrub Roses
    • Dogwood
    • Ninebark
    • Butterfly bush
    • Pine
    • Spruce


All Maintenance of the Public Amenities will be the responsibility of the RV Park Ownership/ Management Group. Maintenance includes the following:

Site Access – Vehicle

There are three (3) access points along Bay View Street, one primary access and two emergency access points. Details are as described below.

  1. Primary Access – 7.3 m wide approach, 200 metres (m) west of the intersection of Bay View Street and Range Road 204. Access will not be gated during normal operating times.
  2. West Emergency Access – 6.0 m wide approach, 160 m east of the intersection of Bay View Street and Island View Close. This will be gated.
  3. East Emergency Access – 6.0 m wide approach, 35 m west of the intersection of Bay View Street and Range Road 204. This will be gated.
  4. Access to the RV site will be gated with a coded gate entrance, locate on the west side of the main entrance.

Emergency Response Plan

rendering of Emergency Response Plan

Site Access – Pedestrian

Internal pedestrian walking paths have been provided throughout Bar W Resort. They include:

Offsite pedestrian walking path along the south side of Bay View Street and north along Range Road 204 is planned by the County. There are two access points to the Bar W Resort, one is located east of Island View Close and the other at the Primary Access point. Due to safety concerns non lease holders will not be allowed to walk through the Bar W Resort.

Lake Access

Lake access for boat launching will be directed to a location outside of the Bar W Resort property. Bar W Resort will work with other boat launch facilities in the area for access.

Sanitary Demand

Sanitary Demands calculated using Alberta Environment and Park’s Table 4.1 – Expected Volume of Sewage Per Day, Recreational Vehicle Park. Water demands calculated by using industry standard of 10% higher demand than sanitary demands.

Projected Sanitary Sewer Demands are noted as follows.

Water Demand

Projected Waster Demands are noted as follows.

There are no fire hydrants located within the Bar W Resort and therefore fire flow was not calculated. As noted earlier each stall will be required to provide their own water until a permanent connection to the water co-op can be made.

UFA Buildings

Two new buildings are planned to service the development and are noted as follows.

  1. Administration and Rural Convenience Store. 52’ x 36’, single storey.
  2. Maintenance Shop. 60’ x 42’, single story.
  3. Both buildings will be located near the main entrance and will be serviced separately from the RV development.

    Administration Building

    drawing of Admin Building

    Maintenance Shop

    drawing of maintenance shop

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